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    We have been committed to researching and selling all kinds of polymer products needed by domestic and foreign oilfield drilling and production equipment, chemical industry, mining machinery and ships

  Our company located in Jingzhou, a famous historical and cultural   city on the beautiful bank of Yangtze River in Jianghan Plain, focuses on  R&D of high polymer materials including

friction products, rubber products, polyurethane products and polytetrafluoroethylene products for petroleum exploitation,  chemical industry and mining machinery.    

      Our company  consists of plants, office buildings, and dormitories covering   an area of over 20,000 square meters. With the strong capability of technology,testing and quality control, we commits to the R & D and production of  various kinds of polymer products which are widely used in oilfields, chemical  industry, mining machinery, and marine equipment in domestic and overseas  markets.

   Nowadays, the check valves, drillable and  composite bridge plugs for cementing developed by us are widely used in the domestic  and overseas oilfields. Besides matching with the related  anufacturers, Jianghan  No.4 Machine Factory ,SJS  Limited, Shelfoil Petroleum Equipment & Service Co. Ltd, etc, and being  applied in the oilfields in china, our roducts are exported to the US, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Myanmar, etc.